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  • Culture & Values

    Our values define what we do, how we do it and the decisions we make!

    Everyone in our ETC Tax Team ensures that they are continually aware our values and the importance that we place on them. The team respects these values and always works in a way which incorporates these values by demonstrating the behaviours set out for each core value.


    We very much value our fantastic ETC Tax team which is made up of a diverse group of people which includes highly experienced Chartered Tax Advisers who between them have amassed a wealth of tax experience, mostly gained at Big 4 and Top Ten accountancy firms. Supported ably by a team of passionate Tax Advisers and committed business support staff we all enjoy working together to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, priding ourselves on delivering complex tax advice in a commercial and ‘user friendly’ way.

    Our culture is very much ‘team orientated’ and we operate in a very collaborative, supportive and inclusive environment which is enjoyable and encouraging.

    ‘We have created a fun and relaxed place to work. We trust our great team of people to always do a great job and work to the best of their ability. We encourage our people to be involved, to make suggestions and challenge what we do and how we do it so we can improve the way we do things to evolve as a business, grow and continue our success, by supporting each other to all be the best we can be.’

    Angela Wood, Managing Director

    Our Values


    We are committed to building relationships, and to supporting each other and our clients, through; working collaboratively to build positive relationships i.e. taking time to understand clients’ objectives, providing excellent client service, engaging with others and encouraging effective communication i.e. effectively managing client’s expectations and keeping team members up to date with developments on shared matters.


    We are open and transparent, whilst acting with integrity, respect and professionalism, by; being trustworthy, open and reliable i.e. not afraid to say when we have done something wrong, or when something is not as good as it could be, maintaining personal integrity and respecting confidentiality.


    We are inspired and resourceful, but considered, in our approach, through; being inspired to do great things, solutions focused – presenting clients with solutions not problems, being creative and doing things differently – thinking outside the box, being willing to take considered risks, generating and encouraging new ideas and displaying a can-do attitude.


    We are a diverse team, that enjoys sharing our experiences to achieve our personal and professional goals, as well as the best possible outcomes for our clients, through; sharing ideas, information and knowledge, suggesting improvements to existing processes or procedures, engaging with others, always striving to do our best and being passionate.


    We value ‘ourselves’ by; demonstrating a positive attitude, leading by example and being a role model for positive behaviours, being Self-aware and regularly reflecting on the work that is done, how it is done and the impact on those being supported. We value our ‘colleagues’ by; listening to and respecting others, recognising the efforts of others, working as ‘one team’, being fair, encouraging others to do their best. We value our ‘clients’ by; ensuring we take the time to know and understand our client’s needs and expectations, taking responsibility for delivering high quality work, being friendly, honest, fair and professional always.

    "We place enormous value on our team of fantastic people here at ETC Tax, we recognise the talents, skill and experience each individual brings to our business and we are grateful for the contributions that everyone makes to us being such a great business to work with and work for, as such we are big believers of investing in our great team of people."

    Tara Soobhug, HR Manager

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