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  • Robert Wilson

    Senior Tax Manager

    ‘I  joined ETC Tax in August 2019 as a Tax Manager. The offer made to me by ETC was one of three offers presented to me at that time from competing practices. What swayed me to accept the offer from ETC was the clear indication I received from the interview process that ETC is a practice which values its staff and clients and is committed to a) nurturing an encouraging and entrepreneurial spirit within it’s employees; b) maintaining a strong sense of teamwork within the practice so as to ensure that each member of the team is fully involved with the deliverables and that there are no internal politics; and c) strives to provide high quality, well rounded, commercial advice to their clients. Based on my previous experience within the industry, these three areas are key to me and have been lacking in other posts. I am pleased to say that in my time working with the practice any concerns I may have had these things would not turn out to be true, have been unfounded. In the space of time I have been here, I have been promoted to a Senior Manager position, reflecting the commitment that ETC has in developing its employees.’

    ‘There is a real sense of collaboration amongst the entire team. As a small practice, everyone has their part to play and each of us are encouraged to promote our own ideas on matters such as improving efficiency, identifying new avenues to market the practice, developing our own specialist areas, taking responsibility for our own personal learning and development etc. Whilst there is a necessary hierarchy in place, there is no sense that the senior team will take all the credit. New ideas and suggestions are encouraged, and the leadership team are more than happy to allow individuals to take their ideas forward and to take ownership of them, thus any associated ‘credit’ remains with them. There is simply not the rigid, inflexible, political structure that is common within other practices.’

    ‘The day to day atmosphere in the office is very friendly, open and encouraging and this reflects clearly in our approach to our work. The practice maintains the right balance between allowing lesser experienced colleagues to make active in-roads into a particular client focused project (to allow them to develop their own skills), whilst ensuring that senior colleagues have overall oversight to ensure high quality commercial advice is delivered at all times. Ultimately everyone working here is very much on the same page; we all genuinely enjoy what we do, and I believe this shows in the work that we undertake for our clients.’